BlockBoard A material which we import from the most reliable European suppliers. It is used for quality  furniture constructions but also for building door  frames for middle doors. 3 layers BB  +


Chipboard Interwood – Xylemboria  imports chipboard from the biggest suppliers all over the world. It is known for its extreme tolerances during its processing, which are due to the finest raw +

HDF Smaltines

HDF Smaltines White and colored HDF Smaltine. Usage: Furniture Dimensions Length 2800 cm Width 1830 cm Thickness 3 +


Raw MDF MDF is a product which consists of wood fibers from trunks, sawmills, logging residues etc. Those fibers, after having been cleansed with a special procedure and dried, are mixed +


OSB OSB  during the last years has made a strong entry in the Greek market and  its use is growing rapidly.. It can be easily processed due to its excellent mechanical +


Veneer Αiming to satisfy all demands for this range of products, Interwood – Xylemboria imports ten different veneer kinds from fifteen suppliers. By offering alternative cross-sections and compositions, combined with the +

Veneer coated surfaces

Veneer coated surfaces During our successful presence at MDF purchase and veneer selling, we make sure  that along with the appropriate veneer suppliers we  offer quality and reliable products to +