Soft wood floors

Floors made of European pine or spruce have been covering for many years Greek houses, especially in the country side. They are made of wood resilient to time, with good mechanical properties, are produced in a wide variety of dimensions and profiles, depending on their usage. Their significant advantage is their long  length, which allows to cover big spaces (along side) creating thus a  harmonious aesthetic result. They are ideal for house renovations but also for new rustic style constructions.

Pitch Pine (S.Y.P), American Pine, with its distinctive yellow goldish appearance after it has  been polished, is broadly used for flooring and indoor profiles.


28Χ140 Pine
33Χ140 Pine
33Χ190 Pine
21Χ142 Spruce
21Χ165 Spruce
21Χ190 Spruce
23Χ140 Pitch Pine