Soft timber profiles

Interwood – Xylemboria produces, imports and offers a  variety of dimensions for wall and roof profiles from pine, spruce and Yellow Pine (pitch pine ) timber.

They are available for immediate delivery and are delivered with a protective cover.

Interwood-Xylemboria production profiles

14Χ142 Pine – Zita
15Χ190 Pine – Zita
19Χ190 Pine – Zita
14Χ142 Pine – Nichaki
15Χ190 Pine – Nichaki
10Χ92 Pitch Pine

Imported profiles

10Χ88 Pine – Scotland
12,5Χ88 Pine – Scotland
12,5Χ113 Pine – Scotland
14Χ138 Pine – Nichaki
15Χ88 Pine – Scotland Old Decor