Outdoor profiles

They are produced in a wide range of standard profiles and dimensions from various kinds of timber, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


Its color is honey blonde  with light brown grains.  This timber is light and soft, ideal for outdoor profiles (buildings facades, yards,bathrooms, kiosks.) It has high tolerance against  environmental changes, humidity and at insects that inflict on wood. It can be placed without any procedure or be painted over at any color so as to provide the desired result.



  Teak Burma

Its initial color is light brown. It is very stable with high tolerance against humidity.

African Teak (Afromosia)

Its initial color is golden brown, which under light turns into a dark brown. Its hard wood and has high tolerance against  humidity .


Its initial color is light brown, which under light turns into a goldish shade dark brown. Its a  high tolerance  wood with very good mechanical properties.


Tropical woods originated from Indonesia with a dark reddish brown color. It’s smooth at one side and non-skid at the other. It can be used both sided. Its used exclusively for outdoor areas ( floors, yards, profiles, etc.)