Indoor Parquets


White Oak

White Oak has been used over hundreds of years for building highly aesthetic and value floors.

It’s a durable  wood, with satisfying stability and impeccable final outlook, it’s the “Star” of   DIPO


Raw material is imported from selected European and American suppliers.


Red Oak

Its only difference from the white oak is only the final floor color.

It has a light pink-beige color which gives wood a character. It is a hard and solid wood, easily processed , ideal for hightly aesthetics floors.



It is one of the most popular African woods both in Greece and Europe.

Its initial color is light brown which turns with light to dark brown with a goldish tint. It is a durable wood, with good mechanical properties. Ideal  also for outdoor usage..

Iroko is the “Basic player”  in  DIPO  floor range.



Τhey are logged and imported in Europe from Africa. One of the world’s most durable wood , with high mechanical properties.

Its final color is a warm light brown-red. It is very hard and durable wood, tolerant against humidity. Doussie-Lingue  is the best option for infloor heating

Undoubtedly  the “King of Africa”  in DIPO luxury floor range.


African Teak (Afromosia)

It is widely known as African Teak due to its alternative use regarding Burma Teak.

Its initial color is gold-brown which as time goes by turns into a sweet honey  shade. It is  wood with good mechanical properties, extremely durable, ideal also for outdoor spaces usage..

It’s a “special ” wood in  DIPO floor range.



It is known worldwide as the wood with the impeccable stability and durability.

Its color variations allow various aesthetic combinations, offering remarkable results both at houses and professional spaces. It is also ideal for outdoor spaces usage.

Undoubtedly the  “ Out of competition” player in DIPO floor range.


American Walnut

It’s one of the most  outstanding in appearance wood.

Its brown- purple and finally honey color, combined with its wavy grains, enrich  it with a unique beauty, which totally brings out  the best of the surface it covers.

A  “furniture”  in your space .



Wood with unique characteristic appearance.

Its color is dark black-brown. It exhibits some variations with characteristic grains. It is a very hard and durable wood, with good mechanical properties.

A “Painting” on your floor.