Indoor Parquets

Indoor Parquets   White Oak White Oak has been used over hundreds of years for building highly aesthetic and value floors. It’s a durable  wood, with satisfying stability and impeccable final outlook, it’s the +

Laminate Floor

Laminate floor Interwood – Xylemboria offers synthetic Laminate floors by the German company  KRONOORIGINAL. They exhibit high tolerance against wear, scratching and cigarette burns. Ecologically manufactured in full compliance with  European +

Outdoor Deck

Outdoor Deck Outdoor floor made of tropical wood, with smooth surface or with streaks which lessen slipping By nature, they exhibit remarkable tolerance against humidity and they make an excellent +

Pre-polished Floor

Pre-polished floor Pre-polished  floors are delivered ready for fitting , offering this way a complete finish of their wooden surface. Interwood – Xylemboria represents a wide range of pre-polished +

Soft wood Floors

Soft wood floors Floors made of European pine or spruce have been covering for many years Greek houses, especially in the country side. They are made of wood resilient to +